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  • 1610-2019

    Market prospect of 400G technology and related products

    In 2018, the Ethernet market of 100G data center is in full swing, which is the main battle field for optical module manufacturers.

  • 1610-2019

    25Gbit/s SFP28 & QSFP28 Copper Cable Interconnect Technology Rise

    Cable integration, power and thermal management are intrinsic challenges in today's data centers populated by enterprise servers and storage applications.

  • 1610-2019

    Market Background Of Direct Attach Cables

    With the rapid development of network technology and network application, as a data center for centralized exchange of information data and storage of network devices, it has been challenged with high bandwidth, high reliability and low latency.

  • 1209-2019

    Introduction of 400G QSFP DD Products

    With the exponential growth of data traffic demand caused by smartphones, multimedia applications, video streaming media and various connecting devices, the construction of high-capacity and ultra-large-scale data centers has been promoted, aiming at rapidly expanding and responding to such dynamic workloads.

  • 0108-2019



  • 0108-2019



  • 3107-2019

    10G network - the best cabling solution for SMEs

    In recent years, with the rapid growth of data centers, the demand for high-performance servers is growing.

  • 3107-2019

    Congratulations! C-FLINK got CE,ROHS and FCC

    Recently, Huizhou C-FLINK Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of international quality certification last year, and has applied for and obtained three certificates of CE, ROHS and FCC.

  • 3007-2019

    100G QSFP28 AOCケーブルの紹介


  • 3007-2019

    How to upgrade a data center 10G/25G network to 40G/100G

    With the rapid promotion and popularization of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 5G, the influx of data traffic has prompted major service providers to constantly review the upgrade of data transmission speeds in data centers.

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