Overview of the Development of Cloud Computing in China


Cloud computing is a concentrated expression of information technology development and service model innovation. It is a major change and inevitable trend of informatization development. It is the commanding height of international competition in the information age and a fuel for new kinetic energy of economic development. In view of the current development of cloud computing, we propose several suggestions from the aspects of industry application, policy standards, security risks, technical capabilities, and market self-discipline:

Cloud Computing

1, Demand-oriented to promote the application of cloud computing industry

Cloud computing technology has continued to mature and penetrate into vertical industries. Cloud service applications have gradually expanded from the Internet industry to traditional industries such as manufacturing, government, finance, education, and medical, and a number of industry models have emerged. It is recommended that the supervision departments of various industries and local trust committees increase policy support and cultivate a group of influential, standardized and credible industry cloud benchmark enterprises to better promote the development of cloud computing in the industry and help the transformation of traditional industries. Upgrade, serve economic and social development, and cultivate a new format of platform economy.


2, Further improve the development and promotion of industry cloud standards

On the basis of the existing cloud computing standard system, the standard system of cloud computing in the government, finance, industry and other industries will be gradually improved. It is recommended that users and cloud service providers, based on industry supervision and industry-oriented user demand, focus on purchasing, building, operating, and managing key aspects of cloud computing services, and adopt standardized indicator systems guided by industry regulatory authorities to select or build secure and credible The cloud service platform ensures that the cloud service platform meets industry regulatory requirements and improves service quality.


3, Establish and improve a safety risk management system

Currently, cloud computing still has security risks such as data leakage, data loss, privacy protection, and service instability. Cloud service providers are required to improve security risk management capabilities and enhance user confidence in cloud computing risk management and cloud computing data protection. Encourage security vendors and third-party organizations to innovate cloud security service models, strengthen security risk response capabilities in cloud computing environments; actively explore cloud computing insurance models, share the potential risks of cloud computing through insurance mechanisms; promote security products in cloud computing environments and The research and development of the service and industrial application accelerate the construction of the professional security service team for cloud computing.


4, Continuously improve the core core technology capabilities of cloud computing

At present, the number of cloud computing backbone enterprises in China is small, and there is still a certain gap between the technology and other first-class foreign manufacturers. Taking open source as an example, although the contribution of cloud service providers to the community in China continues to increase, the overall situation is in the state of technology follow-up, and domestic manufacturers need to continuously enhance their technological innovation capabilities. Cloud service providers should actively develop technologies such as containers, high-performance computing, micro-services, and other technologies to further study areas such as edge computing and cloud network convergence. Encourage enterprises to participate in the mainstream open source community, to develop technology, lead open source technology, improve the level of cloud computing software technology and system services, and enhance the influence and voice of key technologies. Strengthen the core patent layout in the field of cloud computing, and raise corporate awareness and management level.


5, Promote the orderly development of self-discipline and regulation of cloud service market

At present, China's cloud computing industry has entered a period of competition for the hegemony. The capital market is also very concerned about the dynamics of the cloud computing industry. Investment M&A frequently occurs. Market products have serious homogenization and low-price bidding. Business qualifications have occurred from time to time. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will gradually shift the focus of supervision in the field of information and communication from the prior to the event. Cloud computing enterprises should actively respond to the market self-discipline call for “compliance and fair competition”, standardize business qualifications and cooperation between enterprises, and fulfill the service agreement in good faith. Corporate credit.


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