Factors to consider for 40G Ethernet cabling


40G network was born when 10G network could not meet people's growing network demand. With the continuous development, 40G Ethernet has been used by more and more users. So you know what factors to consider when deploying 40G Ethernet? Compared with the 10G network, the 40G is slightly more complicated, and there are many factors to consider. C-FLINK mainly analyzes from the following three aspects.


Optical module

In the 40G network cabling, the main optical modules are QSFP+ and CFP. Since the demand for optical modules is very large in the entire network deployment, the proportion of optical modules should not be underestimated. However, the current optical modules on the market have become more and more common, and the performance is comparable to that of the original optical module, but the price is very affordable. Therefore, when deploying 40G Ethernet, choose a third-party optical module with strong compatibility, which not only ensures efficiency, but also greatly reduces deployment costs.


AOC cable / DAC cable

At present, the application of optical cable is more and more common, but considering the cost factor, copper cable still occupies an irreplaceable position. Which of the copper and fiber optics is better suited for 40G network deployment?


40G AOC cable

In terms of wiring costs, copper cables are cheap, and deployment wiring costs are lower; in terms of transmission distance, the transmission distance of copper cables is only 7m. The fiber transmission distance is very long, the transmission distance of single mode fiber is up to 10km, and the maximum transmission distance of multimode fiber is 100m to 150m. Which kind of transmission medium is selected depends on the different characteristics of the medium and is selected according to actual needs.


40G MPO Component

Most 40G multimode optical modules are based on MPO technology that increases fiber density. According to the IEEE802.3ba standard, MPO connectors are generally used for multimode fiber connections with standard lengths, but as the number of fibers increases, the difficulty of wiring in data centers increases accordingly. In order to solve this problem, most data centers choose pre-terminated MPO components to deploy 40G networks, which greatly saves costs and reduces deployment difficulty. It is an effective solution. Therefore, it is critical to determine the length of the cable and the custom pre-terminated MPO components prior to wiring.

With the rapid development of 40G and 100G, it has gradually become the preferred solution for many enterprises. In the continuous development process, the 40G network deployment cost has also been reduced to a certain extent, which makes the 40G network deployment more widely. Applications. C-FLINK can provide you with cost-effective solutions to help you develop an economical and reliable 40G network deployment solution.

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