Equinix ECX Fabric Connects 37 Data Center Markets Worldwide


Equinix, an independent third-party data center operator, today announced that its cloud switching architecture, ECX Fabrix, now supports the interconnection of all 37 metro markets. These 37 markets are spread across five continents. Customers can use this ECX Fabric as a connection to the Equinix International Service Exchange IBX data center or as a complementary to existing MPLS or Ethernet.

ECX Fabric

This cloud switching architecture allows Equinix customers to access cloud services in other regions, including AWS, Microsoft's Azure, Orcle Cloud, Google Cloud and more. 37 markets include Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Clubeper, Dallas, Denver, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Melbourne, Miami, Munich , New York, Osaka, Tokyo, Warsaw, Paulo, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sdeermore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, Washington, DC and Zurich. More than 1,400 customers are using this network today.

Equinix said that digital transformation is driving enterprises to adopt cloud services more, which brings many management problems. As customers' applications become more distributed, they find that many parameters of the data center network must be redefined. In this context, more IDCs began to build the interconnect architecture of the data center. ECX Fabric will play an important role in helping customers with the digital transformation.



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